GDS are now accepting pre-orders for up to 100 units of the 5 kW GDS 5000 generator.   All pre-sales monies will go to manufacturing (wages, parts, overheads) five verification test GDS 5000 units for 3rd party laboratory and field trial performance testing.  Further, these funds will be used to obtain all electrical certifications and an international patent.

Participants will be required to submit a deposit of $2,500.00 USD via
email transfer to
Western Union
Bank Transfer
The full purchase is $5,000.00 USD shall be discounted $300.  This means that when the GDS 5000 is ready to be shipped, (doesn’t include shipping) the remaining purchase amount will be $2,200 USD.  Ontario participants must add 13% HST as shown below for one GDS 5000 generator:

First installment        $2,500
HST                             $   325
Sub total                     $2,825 USD

Second installment   $2,200
HST                             $  286
Subtotal                      $2,486 USD

Total HST                   $   611
Total for generator   $4,700

Total submitted         $5,311 USD

Living outside the province of Ontario will be subject to their province tax, outside Canada are not subject to any tax. Also we will provide deposit invoice of proof of deposit.

Please submit:

Your full legal name
Your postal address and postal code
Email address
Daytime phone number and cellular phone number

The present schedule is to have the five verification GDS 5000 generators available for performance testing in March 2017.  Participants will have access to the verification test plan to be conducted by independent Canadian scientists, their test report, still photographs and videos. 

The GDS Technologies Website shall be used to post pictures, links YouTube for videos, and links for Dropbox positing of PDF documents.  All links will be posted on as they are released. 
You will receive the first 100 GDS5000 units, and be invited to see full testing at one of our locations.
If you require a travel visa we will provide an invitation letter to start you travel visa to Canada.

Please Note: Any refunds with be released at the end of testing if required.

Thank you,
Gregory Potter